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If you have a construction site, are planning an outdoor event, or have another need for a portable toilet, we have the right unit waiting for you! Our units come fully stocked and clean, delivered right to your desired location. We also have upgraded units for high end events!

Service Highlights


• Fleet models

• Flushing toilets

• Sinks available

• Delivered fully stocked


Fresh and Clean


We use high quality formaldehyde free, 100% biodegradable Walex products to provide long term odor control while getting our portable toilets as clean and sanitized as they can possibly be. We understand the importance of having a portable toilet that smells fresh, and we take the time to make sure your rental is as clean as can be!


Flexible Rental Options

Our upgraded toilets are flushable, have a working sinks and a light. Our restroom trailer is perfect for weddings and other special occasions featuring two roomy restrooms with flushable toilets, a full size sink with hot and cold water, counter top, fan, tile floor as well as heat and air conditioning. If you’re interested in learning more about our toilets, get in touch with us!

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